Friday, January 28, 2011

A Common Name... With Uncommon Virtue

Generic look... with ambitious goals
Zero Point Software is an independent game developer based out of Denmark who wants to "Make You Believe." 

Interstellar Marines Video Game, Exclusive Will You Believe? Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

This valiant team of cyber-warriors is undertaking the ineffable responsibility of creating a current generation game without the funding of a traditional developer.  Their only supply line is us... the consumer!  They need all the help they can get since they seem to be fighting SHARK DOGS in the future... no but for reelz they are.
In their "Will You Believe" trailer for their upcoming title, Interstellar Marines, they piggy back off of the wild independent success of Minecraft and place the onus on us (the community) to help support them make an original, full fledged FPS.  They have three free "prototypes" for you to play and experiment with various aspects of the game.  If you feel so inclined, go ahead and pre-order the game

I for one love to see independent companies sticking it to the system and sincerely hope that this goes somewhere.  I've already offered my support to Minecraft and I would love to pre-order their Spearhead pack... but if I did that for every indie title out there my wife would slay me.

Nothing is stopping you though intergalactic motivator!  Go suit up and check out what this game is all about!

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