Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 Million Gamerscore: 600,000 Gamerscore Across The Web

Raymond "Stallion83" Cox... the 600,000 point man. Earlier today he maintained his title for highest Xbox 360 Gamerscore ever by asserting his dominance and achieving 600,000 points playing Earth Defense Force: IA. True dedication indeed. You know what's most surprising though... this guy can can jack some steel! Guys like him give the gamer community a good image and I respect his ability to stay in shape as well as ruin peoples' days with a pair of sticks. Check out his blog below!

1 Million Gamerscore: 600,000 Gamerscore Across The Web: "Joystiq - Top Gamerscore(r) crosses 600,000 'You know, the word hero gets thrown around a lot, and in the process it's lost some of its me..."

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Borderlands 2 finally!

Yeah it's been awhile... I know.  However, via PSU.com, I just found out that Borderlands 2 has been officially announced by 2k!  Also, www.borderlands2.com has surfaced on the web. Their official blog states that's it's not coming until after April 1st, 2012 (sad panda) but we can expect to see it in action at GamesCom and PAXPrime later this month.  You can at least go check out the new cover art at gameinformer.com featuring what looks like a vagrant Zeus double-wielding weapons... hopefully a new gameplay mechanic??