Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A kick to the groin for Sony...

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I bet Sony wishes they can make believe the last week and a half.  Although they recently just announced a new PlayStation tablet, that news is being eclipsed by their latest brush with virtual subterfuge.

At this point I'm merely echoing the rest of the internet, but here's the rundown:
- On April 20th the PlayStation Network shutdown without so much as a hint as to why
- On April 26th, they announced on their official blog (after days of vague updates) that the "external intrusion" into Sony's network may have compromised OUR (being the collective gamer) personal data.
- Credit card numbers and expiration dates might have been stolen
- There is no definite timeframe for when the PSN will be fully operational but some services will be returning within a week
- This issue has been escalating to the point where a US Senator has sent a letter of admonishment to the CEO of Sony

So not only can I not play Borderlands with my buddy's (yep, I still play that) I now may be the subject of credit card fraud by no fault of my own.  Good thing all those hackers will get is a nice hunk of debt to deal with, muahaha.
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