Monday, August 2, 2010

A Game of Survival

Literally, we need one.  I'm talking the walking dead, MMO style play with APB mechanics... just not as terrible, skills, the need for water, food, and shelter, rival human beings that you can either team up with or fight to the death to grab their gear.

I'd love to see Fallout 3 depth of exploration (and loot system with a little bit of random Borderland-ness) with an area the size of ARMA II (as well as shooting mechanics) with a personal upkeep system akin to the Sims with skill systems from Ultima Online (or Mortal Online if they ever get that straight) with a colony (i.e. guild) based system that mimics the team-work of Love (actually an MMO) and the fun but complex system of Harvest Moon. 

This is just a thought and it needs expounding upon, please help because I would love to pitch this idea to a company (so maybe I shouldn't be blabbing about it on the internet.... oh well!).  I'd buy it in a pico-second.